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Airstream Rules, Regulations, & Disadvantages

Here are some of the disadvantages you will deal with when owning an Airstream:
Finding Parts For Vintage Models Can Be A Challenge - Sure, we all love the idea of buying a retro travel trailer, but finding parts can be hectic. Restored Airstream owners know just how much time is spent trying to locate the correct part for the year of their model. If you aren't in a hurry, this can be a relaxing hobby. If you plan to live in a vintage Airstream, you might find yourself pulling out your hair. Here are a couple of companies who help Airstream owners find elusive parts:

No Slides Means Tiny Space - Except for a few models, Airstream travel trailers do not include slide outs. Take a long look at the inside because what you see is what you get. Airstreams are not large, and even the longest trailers only provide 200 plus square feet for living.
Tiny Storage - Let's be honest, the Airstream has hardly any basement or outside storage. You can store your waste hoses and a few tools, but that's about it. If you need storage, make sure you buy a tow vehicle that can hold your stuff.
Expensive - Airstreams aren't the most affordable travel trailer on the lot. In fact, they are called Land Yachts for a reason. These units are built solid and priced accordingly. Buying a used Airstream will save you a lot of money, but these trailers are collectible, which means you may have to make your decision fast. Regardless of which trailer you buy to be sure to have a licensed RV inspector check the Airstream before you purchase it..

Living or camping in an RV is an adjustment. Take the time you need to learn about your new rig so you aren't disappointed. Need some advice? There are several Airstream clubs throughout North America. There are even Airstream only RV Parks. Here are just a few places you can connect with other Airstream lovers who are always willing to offer free advice.